Halley Stevensons weatherproof waxed cotton fabric


JULY 2023

We spend so much of our lives at work, and our relationships with our team and the people we serve are incredibly important to us. At Halley Stevensons, we are lucky to have collaborators across the world that share our passion for great product, so when we get a chance to meet in person, we jump at it.

Over the last two weeks the Halley Stevensons team headed over to Paris, Milan, and Munich for the European tradeshows. Our  team of four included David, Catriona and Dot representing our Sales and Marketing teams, and of course Jimmy was there to discuss all things technical and R&D.

We want to be accessible, so we encourage everyone to join us on the stand so we can meet face to face (our favourite way) and share our new developments. Guests can touch and feel swatches and ask any questions directly, and we can learn more about their needs and how we can support them.



Hot off the press!

Our most talked about developments were all about Natural performance, Versatility, and Lighter weights. In no particular order, our visitors loved our:

  • Hybrid/Aero™ P140 and P200 dry finish. Super versatile and available in 40 shades!
  • p140 Fluoro-Free Superdry shirting weight for lightweight invisible performance.
  • Nova & Torridon coated 100% organic cotton ripstop. Naturally protective.

We’re very excited to be growing our business further afield, so were delighted to welcome our new friends we met in Australia and New Zealand last year, and our valued team from China as we prepare for our visit to Shanghai Intertextile at the end of August. We also spent some very rewarding time with our wonderful worldwide agents who represent Halley Stevensons across the globe.

We returned home energised by the connections we’d made, partnerships we’d deepened, and important insights gained.

Stock availability explained

The ‘HS Collection’ is a range of fabrics that are in continuous production and offered on an “off the shelf” basis in a choice of colours. Ideal for express developments and orders we hold substantial stocks of these articles and are committed to replenishing the fabrics within a 8 weeks (if not available at the time of order).

Please note, The HS Collection includes all articles previously available as ‘Stock Supported’ or ‘Regular Running’ lines.

Bespoke manufacturing allows you to fully customise our fabric. We can colour match to any pantone or colour of your choice which can be dyed onto any fabric in our collection with any finish we offer.

*Lab work is required to be processed (Leadtime 2 weeks) and approved prior to production.

**Minimum order quantities apply and production lead-times of (8weeks) applies.

This product is suitable for luggage

Can be made in styles such as backpacks, satchels, laptop cases, cabin bags and suitcases.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for luggage

This product is suitable for accessories

Can be made into accessories such as gloves, hats, caps and belts.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for accessories

This product is suitable for footwear

Can be made into styles such as trainers, tennis shoes, hi-tops, boots and brogues.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for footwear

This product is suitable for apparel

Can be made into garments such as overshirts, jackets, coats and trousers.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for apparel