Our global sales agents are on hand to give detailed local advice and buying options. Select from the list below to find your local agent.


Cobra Textile
Jacob Gram

Tel: +45 2167 9779
Email: cobratextil@gmail.com  

Sandra et Laurent Lehmann

Tel: 0671023140
Email: laurentlehmann@orange.fr
Email: slehmann.ek@gmail.com

Macaulay Ganson
Mac Ganson

Tel: +49 (0)1722120348
Email: mac@macaulay-ganson-gmbh.de  

Lorenzo Moscato
Paolo Donigaglia
Pugliese Moscato Rappresentanze S.r.l.

Tel: 055-470895
Email: team@pugliesemoscato.it 

Gary Coltman
CoBro Associates

Tel: +441159335868
Email: gary.coltman@cobro.biz 

Rufino Reis
2T Tecidos Texteis Unip., LDA
Rua Prof. Carlos Teixeira, 38 No 2B
4250-533 Porto

Mobile: +351 917559370
Tel: +351 223773160

Ulla Larson´s Agentur AB
Ulla Larson

Tel: +46 706 940540
Email: ulla.larsons@telia.com

Eser Solak
Deniz Bozer
SMP Marka Pazarlama  

Tel. +90 212 297 00 30
Email: eser.solak@smp-tr.com
Email: deniz@smp-tr.com

North America

Texfast Group

Tel: 416 789 7800
Email: info@texfast.com
Website: www.texfast.com

Tom Weinbender
Weinbender Textiles, LLC

Tel: (1)206-601-8694
Email: tom@weinbendertextilesllc.com

Tom Weinbender
Weinbender Textiles, LLC

Tel: (1)206-601-8694
Email: tom@weinbendertextilesllc.com


Clark international Ltd.,
Yoshi Inatani

Tel: 81660669417787
Email: inatani.clark@gmail.com

Kyudu Kim
Q2 I.B.N. Co., Ltd.

Tel: (82-2) 575-8495/6  
Fax: (82-2) 575-8472
Mob: (82-10) 4286-8472
Email: office@q2ibn.com

For countries not represented by our list of established sales agents, please contact our UK based sales team for more information, You can email us at sales@waxedcotton.com.