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You don't need plenty to have it all

To gain more insight into  they’re brand ethos and comprehensive material choices our team recently spoke with the team at ONE ITEM. Working with like-minded brands is always an inspiration and we aim to work in a collaborative effort with our clients.

Przemek, CEO & creator of one:item states ; “Leave your grandchildren more than just an increased carbon footprint.”  With a strong environmental ethos and sustainable commitment ,ONE ITEM have aimed to make the best adaptable backpack  “built it from the highest quality components, from trusted manufacturers with many years of experience”.  The versatile design encompasses both a backpack and messenger bag in one, all you have to do it turn and pull.

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Q: Tell us about your business and ethos!

A: Sometimes one is more than enough. One true love, one best friend, one goal in life… After many years of working in the marketing and design industry, we realized that most of the grandiose slogans about sustainable production, circular economy, and miraculous organic substitutes are idle talk designed to make us buy more without remorse.  But in the meantime, the solution for us and the planet seems to be simple – just stop overconsuming. We should come to our senses and reduce the number of things we buy. We need to decrease the number of things we buy, and those that we already have should have the highest possible quality and versatile use. We believe that the only salvation for us and the planet, in the long run, is to reduce consumption. So we’ve picked the best materials and done our best to make it everlasting so that you can leave your grandchildren more than just an increased carbon footprint.


Sometimes one is more than enough.



Annual Summer Shutdown

Please note that our factory will be temporarily closed from Friday 19th July, reopening Monday 6th August.

Due to the temporary break in production, the following deadlines apply when processing sample orders.

The last date for sample length and swatch orders is Tuesday 16th July — anything placed after this date will be processed upon our reopening.

Stock availability explained

The ‘HS Collection’ is a range of fabrics that are in continuous production and offered on an “off the shelf” basis in a choice of colours. Ideal for express developments and orders we hold substantial stocks of these articles and are committed to replenishing the fabrics within a 8 weeks (if not available at the time of order).

Please note, The HS Collection includes all articles previously available as ‘Stock Supported’ or ‘Regular Running’ lines.

Bespoke manufacturing allows you to fully customise our fabric. We can colour match to any pantone or colour of your choice which can be dyed onto any fabric in our collection with any finish we offer.

*Lab work is required to be processed (Leadtime 2 weeks) and approved prior to production.

**Minimum order quantities apply and production lead-times of (8weeks) applies.

This product is suitable for luggage

Can be made in styles such as backpacks, satchels, laptop cases, cabin bags and suitcases.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for luggage

This product is suitable for accessories

Can be made into accessories such as gloves, hats, caps and belts.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for accessories

This product is suitable for footwear

Can be made into styles such as trainers, tennis shoes, hi-tops, boots and brogues.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for footwear

This product is suitable for apparel

Can be made into garments such as overshirts, jackets, coats and trousers.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for apparel