Pantone Blanket
Halley Stevensons weatherproof waxed cotton fabric


Introduction video

Halley Stevensons have been based at the “Baltic Works” factory based in Dundee, Scotland since 1864.

Originally a jute mill, the factory soon diversified, receiving our first patent for waterproofing  in 1910.  Our iconic chimney and Victorian iron beams can be seen in the footage below.

To this day the company continues to develop, manufacture and supply waterproofed materials worldwide. Proudly dyeing and finish under the same roof- allowing for control over quality and craftsmanship. With years of expertise, unique technical knowledge and manufacturing experience the team of skilled technicians continue to strive to develop and refine new and existing products. Innovation remains the lifeblood of the business.

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We were introduced to the team at SSEAMS and there was an instant synergy. We worked with them on a brief to  create footage and brochure to introduce our business and showcase our factory floor to customers old and new. If you wish to receive a copy of our digital brochure please contact a member of the team.

Working collaboratively is ingrained into the company’s culture. Our adaptable nature allows us  provide expert knowledge and build long lasting relationships with likeminded brands. From world renowned brands, independent designers and start up brands alike the ever-increasing demand for a transparent supply chain highlights the need for strong industry partnerships. During the Covid-19 pandemic we were unable to welcome visitors to our factory and travelling was put on hold.  People are at the heart of our business. As tradeshows ceased to exist and the world adapted to a virtual platform and  video calls have become normalised. Though continued to connect with customers throughout, we do look forward to meeting face to face again and show you what we have been up to!

During the past 18 months we have implemented our plans and carried our significant investment in new machinery. In our efforts to lower carbon footprint, updating machinery has been part of a 3-year capital spend plan worth £3.5million. Investment in equipment such as the latest Monforts 8500 stenter and gas efficient boiler will combine to reduce gas consumptions by up to 35%. We plan to complete this by the end of the first quarter of 2022 and update you in upcoming blogs soon.


Delays to our sample service

When: Until further notice

Due to a recent influx of orders, we are experiencing an exceptionally busy period in our sample room. This means there may be a slight delay in receiving your order.

We expect a temporary delay of approximately 5-7 working days for all orders.

Our team are working hard to fulfil orders as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Stock availability explained

The ‘HS Collection’ is a range of fabrics that are in continuous production and offered on an “off the shelf” basis in a choice of colours. Ideal for express developments and orders we hold substantial stocks of these articles and are committed to replenishing the fabrics within a 8 weeks (if not available at the time of order).

Please note, The HS Collection includes all articles previously available as ‘Stock Supported’ or ‘Regular Running’ lines.

Bespoke manufacturing allows you to fully customise our fabric. We can colour match to any pantone or colour of your choice which can be dyed onto any fabric in our collection with any finish we offer.

*Lab work is required to be processed (Leadtime 2 weeks) and approved prior to production.

**Minimum order quantities apply and production lead-times of (8weeks) applies.

This product is suitable for luggage

Can be made in styles such as backpacks, satchels, laptop cases, cabin bags and suitcases.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for luggage
Pantone Blanket

This product is suitable for accessories

Can be made into accessories such as gloves, hats, caps and belts.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for accessories
Pantone Blanket

This product is suitable for footwear

Can be made into styles such as trainers, tennis shoes, hi-tops, boots and brogues.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for footwear
Pantone Blanket

This product is suitable for apparel

Can be made into garments such as overshirts, jackets, coats and trousers.

Waxed cotton fabric suitable for apparel
Pantone Blanket