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150 years of expertise

About Halley Stevensons

We are the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics. All our dyeing and finishing is ‘under one roof’ based at Baltic Works in Dundee, UK.

As an independent firm with over 150 years of expertise, we have amassed unique technical knowledge and manufacturing experience. 

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Where science meets art

While fashions change throughout the years, waxed cotton fabric continues to stand the test of time. Our commitment to innovation allows us to develop unique and groundbreaking waxed cotton textiles for some of the worlds most prestigious fashion houses.

Quality is paramount and we embrace the challenges inherent to continue producing the best textiles in today’s industry. We believe that innovation must underpin our work to ensure the materials we produce not only stand out aesthetically, but are also technically superior.

Technology and innovation

Why waxed cotton?

Built to last

The beauty of waxed cotton is its durability and longevity — it is built to last. The densely woven cotton is strong and reliable and unlike many alternatives, can be maintained by the end user.


Responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing make our waxed cotton a sustainable choice. Garments can be proofed to keep up performance and protection levels, ensuring they last for many years.

Adaptive by nature

The fabrics are naturally breathable. The wax adjusts to ambient temperature, becoming softer/more breathable in warm weather and stiffer/more wind proof in cold conditions.

Unique character

Our various finishes ensure that garments look better with age. The wax naturally picks up marks and creases through use, which adds to the character of the fabric itself.